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Welcome to Silver's Rattery, a small rattery providing pet lovers an ethical place to get their family pets from.

Our main focuses are health and temperament, looks are only secondary. All our pairings are carefully chosen for the best outcome. All our babies' parents and existing relatives will also be happy to meet you!


We are located in Leicester, East Midlands.

2025 goals.

Our aim for 2025  is to offer a wider range of well behaved and loving drawf rats! This year we are looking to add siamese rats to our dwarf line up!

For our standard sized rats,  we are looking to add marten to our current line up anf focuse even more on our pearls!

Long term goals.

Our long term goal is to help, educate and support both pet owners and breeders and curious people. Along sided education and support, we want to offer rat owners a safe, friednly and ethical place to source their rats from.

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